Arkwright-style mill building

Arkwright stipulated the size and layout of the buildings that would house his cotton spinning factories and after his patent was challenged, cotton spinning mill owners applied the same specifications to their factories.

The building had to be 52 yards by 11 yards and house four floors: the ground floor, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

The Ground Floor
In the cotton spinning days, what would happen here?

Once the Chairworks had taken off, however, the ground floor was given over to the sawrooms.

The First Floor
In the cotton spinning days, the first floor would have housed 2 rows of cotton spinning machines (info on how much they produced a day, who worked there etc?)

The holes that can still be seen in the beams housed the drive shafts

The Second Floor

Berry’s showrooms?

The Third Floor
This was the batting floor

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