How to Link

The interconnectedness of the website relies not only on tags and categories, but also on links. The more you can link your posts to other articles or outside resources, the richer the site’s content.

Here’s the step-by-step for linking parts of your text:

1.Link to a resource external to

Highlight the text that you want to be included in your link. Here, I am going to link the words ‘foundling hospital in London’:

2. Go to the tool bar above the text box and click on the little link icon:

3. This will open up a little box. You might notice that when this box appears, the highlighted text has turned blue and is underlined. You’re creating a hyperlink:

4. Type the URL of the external resource you want to link to:

5. Click on the little blue arrow to the right of the newly inserted addess:

6. And this happens. You’ve created your link:

7. Just click in the main text box and the link box will disappear.

NB – Just to explain the two icons in the little link box.

A) The little pencil icon represents ‘edit‘. If you want to change the address you’ve inserted, click on the pencil and update the address.

Then just click on the blue arrow as before:

(for an explanation of the little wheel icon next to the blue arrow, read on under the Link to an internal resource section below)

B) The icon showing a chain link with little lines coming out of the middle? That represents a ‘broken link’ – if you want to remove the link altogether, click on this icon.

8. Link to an internal resource

To link to a page or post that is part of, start with the same steps: highlight your text and click on the ‘link’ icon. Here I’m going to link to the post on the factory act of 1819:

9. This time, click on the little wheel icon to the right of the blue arrow.

10. This opens up a whole new box with various options that are probably self-explanatory, but I’ll explain anyway. Note that the box titled ‘Link Text’ already has enetered the text that you have previously highlighted:

11. EITHER Enter the destination URL

In the top box, you could type in the actual address of the post you want to link to and then ‘Add Link’ as follows:

12. Your link has been established:

13. OR Enter the name of the post in the ‘Or link to existing content‘ box.

14. If you do not see the post you want to link to in the list available, type in a keyword and search for the relevant post. Highlight it and ‘Add Link‘:

15. And your post is now interconnected! Don’t forget to publish it!