How to Sign Up

To sign up to contribute to, just follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the log in button on the menu

2. Please read the notes on the log in page and if you are happy with them, click ‘Sign in / Log in here’

3.  You are now taken to the WordPress login page. Under the main box is a link to ‘Register’

4. Once you click ‘Register’, you are asked to enter a username and email address

5. So here we’re signing up as Kirk Mill Test, using our email address. When you’ve added your details, click ‘Register’

6. A new box appears telling you to check your email

7. Your email will contain a link. (NB – if the email does not arrive, it’s worth checking the junk mail to see if it has been redirected there)

8. Clicking on the link takes you to wordpress again, where you are shown your new password. Which is an impossible-to-remember series of letters and characters. No problem! Just click on ‘Reset Password’ and insert a more sensible password you will remember.

9. And ta-dah!

10. Log in using the email or username and password you have registered with

11. And you will see this. Don’t panic!!!

12. Take some time out to familiarise yourself with your log in area. Then go to the guide on how to create a post!