It was the sawyers who took the raw materials and started the job of turning trees into chairs. A dangerous job, these men operated the crane, the bandmill, and a variety of different saws for shaping the wood. They saw their work go from fully manual before the war to the start of automation after the war.

Sawyers included

Herbert Freeman
Jimmy Heaton
Frank Wells
Ray Walker [Chips]
Tommy Bolton
Steve Dewhurst sen
Bert Gornall
Harry Berry,
John Birket,
Dick Bolton,
John Bretherton,
John Brown
Jim Collier,
Joe Dent,
Steve Dewhurst,
Bill Fare,
Ray Freeman,
Billy Garstang,
Albert Hall,
Harold Leece,
Bob Parker,
Douglas Parkinson,
Bill Roberts,
Bob Seed,
Harry Seed,
Horace Seed,
Harry Tweedy,
Bill Wallace,
Bill Wells,
Billy Woodall

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