List of owners of Kirk Mill

In over more than 500 years of history, Kirk Mill has had many owners. Here are the ones we’ve tracked down:

Corn Mill
John Heskethsurrendered ownership in 1544
Richard and Edmund Wood
James Wood and heirs (per document of 5th October, 1579)

1641 purchase from James, Lord Strange

Hugh Cowper
James Walmesley
Thomas Wilson
James Whitaker

1785 sale 

Richard Dilworth

Cotton-Spinning Mill

1785-1787 – First Cotton-Spinning Company

Hugh Stirrup
Richard Salisbury
William Barrow
William Carr
John Shakeshaft

1788-1799 – Second Cotton-Spinning Company

Peter Atherton
Ellis Houlgrave
William Harrison
John Rose

1801-1808 – Third Cotton-Spinning Company

J. Bury

1808-1839 – Fourth Cotton-Spinning Company

Alexander Routh

1839-1854 – Fifth Cotton-Spinning Company

John Evans

1854-1860s – Sixth Cotton-Spinning Company

John Lowry

Chair Works

Thomas Marsden
Old John Berry
HJ Berry
John Berry
Jack Berry

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