Hugh Stirrup

Hugh Stirrup, originally a merchant from London, together with Richard Salisbury, of Chipping William Barrow, of Lancaster Willam Carr of Scorton and John Shakeshaft bought the water corn mill from Richard Dilworth on 2nd February, 1785 ‘for the purpose of erecting a cotton mill’. They did so and as soon as Arkwright’s patent was overturned in court, in June of that year, they were ready to launch their ‘Arkwright-style” cotton-spinning mill. Within three and a half years, however, the business was up for sale and the owners had filed for bankruptcy. Hugh Stirrup, however, obviously continued in the same trade: he and John Shakeshaft are mentioned in The Public Advertiser, 25th October, 1790, as ‘Wholesale Linen Drapers and Partners’ – listed under the heading ‘Dividends to be made to the Creditors’.

There are stories that 200 years later, chairworkers were told to look out for the ghost of Lady Stirrup!! Any Lady Stirrup tales welcomed!

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