Marriages at Berry’s

Employees who both worked at Berry’s and then married.










                                     Keith Gornall & Yvonne Dyke. 1973


Bob Bamber & Ann Cookson.  1978

Geoff Marsden & Eileen Cookson.  1971

Ray Walker & Sarah ‘Ciss’ Walmsley.  1952

Bill Fisher & Mary Earl.  1975

Vinnie Slinger & Belle Seed.  1966

Derek Holt & Yvonne Marsden.  1959

Alan Parkinson & Patsy Timbrell.  1968

Tommy Byers & Nellie Martin.   1951


These are the ones which I can remember and I’m sure that there are many more.
Also, if we could include a wedding photo that would even better. Please let us know.




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