Table Tennis at Berry’s

Berry’s had teams in the Preston & District League over many years and had a couple of tables set up in the old mill where we played during the lunch hour. The home league games were played at the Old Oak in Longridge. I bought a bat with my first wage and although I never played in the league I spent many a lunch break in the old mill playing ‘ping pong’ .

Here I am with that very same bat on holiday at Pontins, Morecambe in 1965.


Saw the comment re: above subject and had a chat with my brother Graham Atkinson and we came up with the following information. Berry’s had 3 table tennis teams who played in Preston and District league, this was about early 1960s, the secretary was Bill Preston and we played our home games at the Old Oak pub in Longridge. The president of the club was James Berry and there was a presentation night once a year at the Talbot Hotel Chipping. There was a handicap cup that any Berry’s worker could compete for “The Raymond TImbrell Cup“.

Raymond was tragically killed cycling home after a match in September 1963 and the cup was bought and competed for round about Christmas time.

There was also opportunity to be coached, paid for by the club, which was held at Courtaulds in Preston on a Friday night. Players we could remember are Dick Walmsley, Dennis Hesmondhalgh, Jimmy Heaton, Bob Parkinson, Bill Preston, Graham and Mick Atkinson, Kevin Cookson, Len Marchant x2 (dad and son) and Maurice Ellison.
Many thanks to Mick & Graham Atkinson for the info.

Does anyone know what happened to the Raymond Timbrell Cup?
It would be nice to have a photo for the website.
Handbook for 1963-64


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