The Kirk Mill waterwheel

When was it cut through and why?

At last we know!

Raymond Freeman has the information. He gave us the story at the Kirk Mill meeting last Sunday, 22 Oct, at the Village Hall.

He explained he started work at Berrys in 1961 and the wheel was cut about then or perhaps 1962.

He and others were asked to do the job.

Convenient access was needed from the road side entrance to the first floor of the old mill for workers and for wheeled trolleys. The only access at that time was by stairs from the ground floor or along an awkward passage-way to a door at the back.

The 32ft diameter wheel filled right across to the front wall. So it was partly cut away to allow a landing to be made at the side of the wheel chamber.

This picture shows the landing and the roadside entrance beyond.

The landing allows a good view downwards into into the deep wheel hole.


The men asked Mr John Berry if he would like the spokes of the waterwheel removing while they were on the job.

“No ….  we are only here because of that wheel.”

A demonstration of the respect the Berry family have had for the heritage of the old mill.

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