Getting into the Kirk Mill story with a visit to the old corn mill.

Our walk to  the  old corn mill,  now known as The Water Wheel,  took us behind St Mary’s Church and onto the little private bridge. This revealed  a fine view of the water  wheel and the  fast  flowing  brook.  The children soon appreciated the force of the water it and how the  water might  be used to turn the wheel. 

From there our walk took us to the side of the mill and whilst thinking about  why the mill had such a high window in the gable one of the children spotted the remains of a hoist. Which generated interest and much speculation as to its purpose. 

We continued our walk  to the wheel side of the mill. and considered what part this mysterious object sitting in the garden  had played in the life of the mill.

The children returned to school to organise  their questions  ready for  the visit to Heron Corn Mill the following day.

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